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About Jesse James Jamnik

jesse james jamnik

“The most important thing is to just start. If you donโ€™t start, you’ll simply never know.”

โ€“ Jesse James Jamnik, Co-Founder of Muscles and Miles, LLC


It took 35+ years of life for me to accept and embrace what I was truly meant to do, both professionally and passionately. Today, I am grateful to share nutrition education, fitness guidance, and entrepreneurial coaching to clients and acquaintances.

Drawing on my own life experiences, I outsource my own accomplishments and losses, management experience and continued education to you. It’s raw, authentic and entirely transparent.

I believe in finding a healthy living balance. Life is a series of connections. Physical, financial, personal and career goals are all tied together. This means, you can’t fix one without the other. I partner to guide, to structure and direct motivation to help you accomplish the desired balance.

Do you have big goals? Reach out. I would love to connect.


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